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 Silk Route is a Dutch brand that creates beautiful accessories that stand out from the crowd and go beyond fashion. We develop 2 collections each year, offering a wide range in both spectacular statement pieces but also fine, versatile basic pieces. Because of our choice for high quality fabrics and materials we ensure the longevity and sustainability of our items: you will enjoy them and they will be an  important part of your wardrobe for many years. Especially if you treat your Silk Route item good. Treat your Silk Route scarf or piece of jewellery as you yourself would like to be treated: lovingly and with care.


The Silk Route collections are being sold in mid-high segment boutiques and chains of stores all over Europe and beyond.


Registered Silk Route dealers can login to the B2B-Dealer Login portal of this website. Please contact us for your login details at info[at]silkroute.nl or +31 (0)736133437. If you are not (yet) a registered Silk Route dealer, please contact us or one of our agents or distributors.